What is the PowerJewel program?

It’s an additional ZIPJEWEL feature that provides an opportunity for brands to dynamically connect with their customers.

How does a PowerJewel empowered ZIPJEWEL work?

  1. A unique and dynamic QR (Quick Response) code is provided by ZIPJEWEL.
  2. ZIPJEWEL will direct the QR code to an internet destination (webpage, video, image, etc.), selected by the brand.
  3. The brand will have the opportunity to change/update where that redirect links. The frequency and number of redirects will be determined by the brand.

How does the PowerJewel program work?

PowerJewel is a subscription-based program that utilizes a changeable QR code on the ZIPJEWEL. Brands choose when and where the QR code directs the customer. The backend operational and technical management is all handled by ZIPJEWEL. Brands subscribe to the program.

What problem does PowerJewel solve for a brand?

It provides the brand an opportunity to dynamically customize and instantly update their messaging via ZIPJEWEL.

How does a brand using PowerJewel benefit?

PowerJewel benefits the brand’s capacity to dynamically target and update their ZIPJEWEL messaging on a regular basis.

How does a customer with a PowerJewel benefit?

Customers develop a deeper connection with the brand by receiving continuous and updated messaging.

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